A lawyer or lawyer is someone who is well versed in the law and the law.

A lawyer or lawyer is someone who is well versed in the law and the law. His job is mostly to help people who have trouble in court. The people he helps are called clients. Anyone who is sued in court needs a lawyer to defend it.

 The lawyer is allowed to speak in court and knows what to do so that you do not unnecessarily get yourself into even more trouble. Some people believe that defense lawyers help criminals tell the untruth in court and not be punished. 

Nevertheless, lawyers have the task of ensuring that justice is done. If a lawyer instead represents the plaintiff, he is called the lawyer of the prosecution. Often someone has nothing to do with the court, but they want a lawyer to give them good advice. If an entrepreneur wants to conclude a contract with another entrepreneur, it is about a lot of money.

 That's why the entrepreneur instructs a lawyer to take a good look at the contract beforehand. The lawyer should warn him if there is something in the contract that is bad for him, that brings him disadvantages. A prosecutor is a special lawyer: he represents the state. If the police suspect someone, they go to the prosecutor with their suspicions. The prosecutor then decides whether there is enough evidence to charge in court. The public prosecutor is then the plaintiff in court. Admission, starting salaries and membership statistics The prerequisite for admission as a lawyer is  the qualification to become a judge,i.e. training as a fully qualified lawyer.

 According to the Unification Treaty, an exception applies to lawyers who worked as a lawyer in the GDR as "Diplom-Jurist". They were allowed to continue working as lawyers, even without being fully qualified lawyers. In Switzerland, lawyers must pass a bar examination after completing their university studies, which is regulated differently from canton to canton. 

Lawyers are admitted by the Bar Associationin whose district they wish to settle and are also entered in the register of lawyers there. Admitted lawyers must prove the conclusion of a professional indemnity insurance for lawyers (financial loss liability insurance) for consulting errors as well as the existence of offices at the place of admission to the lawyer. In the oath of service before the Bar Association, lawyers must undertake to maintain constitutional order and to conscientiously fulfil the duties of a lawyer.www.lawyerlabo.com

 Admission may be withdrawn by the competent bar association, in particular in the event of over-indebtedness (forfeiture of assets) and gross violations of professional law. For lawyers from other EU countries, from a state party to the European Agreement on the European Economic Area and Switzerland, admission can take place after three years of work in Germany and german law. In the case of shorter periods of work in German law, it is carried out on the basis of a special aptitude test. The details can be found in the Act on the Activities of European Lawyers in Germany .

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