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Lawyer's law is – in summary – a relatively new field of law that deals with all legal problems of vocational training, admission to the legal profession,its organization, its professional and professional law and the regulations on the exercise of the profession and the charging of fees of the legal profession. It is country-specific, in many countries also state-specific and codified, in addition, it also takes into account European and international law content.


In most countries, the training of lawyers is or was related to the profession of judge. The state, as the lord of the court, had an interest above all in this. Teaching content relating to activities in business or (state) administration was only gradually incorporated into university education or as examination subjects in the examinations. In most cases, they were limited to practical training after graduation or were completely limited to learning through practical experience in the profession. This was particularly true of the career prospects of a lawyer.

The German Bar Association (DAV) even proposed separate practical training for lawyers. [1] After the practice of law had found its way into the examination canon of the second state examination to a limited extent in the 1980s and practical training as a lawyer had also found a higher priority, the rector of the University of Cologne,the labour and social law expert Peter Hanau,held initial talks with representatives of the DAV in 1987 about the establishment of a first German institute. for lawyers' law. In the summer semester of the following year, the Förderverein for the newly established institute was founded on 13 April, while at the same time the faculty decided to found the institute as an independent institute affiliated with the university, the first research institution of its kind in Germany. The procedural lawyer Hanns Prütting (managing director), the criminal lawyer Günter Kohlmann and the constitutional law expert Karl Heinrich Friauf were commissioned with the construction. The ceremonial opening of the initially virtual institute took place in the presence of the Federal Minister of Justice,Hans A. Engelhard,on 13 January 1989.

At the beginning of the summer semester, on 1 April 1989, it was possible to move into premises in the immediate vicinity of the district and regional court as well as the public prosecutor's office. The discussion of lawyers' law was taken up at the first conference with the topic The Development of Advocacy on the Threshold of the European Internal Market and a ceremonial lecture by the then President of the German Bar Association, Erhard Senninger, and the first seminar on lawyers' law, held by Professor Prütting, was offered. The first lecture took place in the following winter semester. It took two years until at the beginning of the winter semester 1991/92 the newly created professorship for civil law, labour law and business law as well as lawyer's law could be filled by Martin Henssler,previously Heidelberg University. He subsequently also took over the management. Since its inception, the institute has also been supported by the Hans Soldan Foundation, which has now helped to set up a total of twelve institutes for lawyers' law at German universities throughout Germany. [2]


The legal regulations can be found above all in the laws of the Federal Lawyers' Act (BRAO) and the Lawyers' Remuneration Act (RVG) as well as in the statutes of the Professional Code of Lawyers (BORA) and the Specialist Lawyers' Regulations (FAO) issued by the Federal Bar Association.


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