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Employment law is one of the focal points of the legal work of Steinbacher Rechtsanwälten PartGmbB in our law firm and has been handled by lawyer Steinbacher, specialist lawyer for employment law, since 2005. Our specialist lawyers are aware of the situation in which our clients find themselves after receiving a dismissal from their employer. With short reaction times, open communication and effective legal action, we guarantee you our constant availability. Due to decades of experience, continuous further training and interdisciplinary networking, we sometimes achieve the best results in employment law. Personal contact with the courts is often to the advantage of our clients' concerns.The dismissal protection process before the labour courts, the action against unjustified warnings or unjustified fixed-term contracts and transfers form the main activity of our specialist lawyer work in employment law.As a lawyer for employment law, I stand up with my partners to ensure that you get your right.                                                                                        

  We take over the representation of; Employees and employees Employers and companies Corporations and associations Board members and managing directors In addition, we have a wide network of colleagues, specialist lawyers and external specialists. Get an idea of our other consulting focuses at: MORE THAN 10 YEARS OF SPECIALIST LAWYER FOR EMPLOYMENT LAW Our specialization in employment law enables us to offer first-class legal advice throughout with a wealth of experience. As a result, we are not only highly efficient and celebrate great success with our clients, but also ensure that we are always up to date with our specialist lawyers for employment law in Munich through continuous professional training.


 Do you urgently need advice from a lawyer for employment law, be it for individual or collective employment law, who can also represent you before state or federal courts? Then get in touch with our law firm and arrange a first consultation appointment with lawyer Steinbacher. You can reach us by phone or simply write an e-mail. Alternatively, you will find a contact form on our pages in which you can outline your request in short words. Call us or send us an appointment request. :


 Labor and employment connections are of great significance in any frugality. In Germany, these relations are governed by a complex structure of statues and regulations on public and transnational position as well as by a veritably dynamic case law. As several obligatory hand protection rights have their origin in European law not only the precedents of the public labor courts but also the rulings of the European Court of Justice influence German labor and employment law significantly. As a result it's safe to say that labor and employment law is one of the most dynamic fields of law in Germany. 
As labor and employment attorneys we don't only deal with the relations between workers and employers ( individual employment law) but also between workshop councils and trade unions and employers and employers' associations ( collaborative employment law). Further in M&A deals the advice of an employment counsel is sought by companies, workers, and works councils. Social security law and data protection law also impact employment relations. 
 The advice an employment counsel offers in individual employment will include the drafting or modification of employment contracts, advise any issues arising during the employment relationship similar as correctional issues, motherliness and maternal rights, working time and minimal stipend issues, compliance examinations, etc. An important area of individual employment law will deal with the issues arising when an employment relationship is terminated. This will include the medication of a notice of termination as well as the representation of employers and workers in law suits in termination protection proceedings in front of a labor court. Further and further employment attorneys are asked to advise on demarcation issues which may do when hiring or promoting an hand and can render a notice unlawful indeed if the employment relationship doesn't fall within the compass of the termination protection act. 
A labor and employment counsel will also help navigate through the complex system of collaborative labor law. Trade unions and employers' associations negotiate rules that apply on an assiduity wide, indigenous position or for specific groups of workers (e.g. aviators, train motorists,etc.). Works council have expansiveco-determination rights and again will negotiate with the employer specific rules for the factory or company in which they represent the workers. Conflicts arising between employers and works councils will be dealt with in a specific disagreement resolution process and under certain circumstances in court. Both during the formal disagreement resolution process as well as in court both parties will frequently calculate on the advice of their employment counsel. 
 In case of restructuring measures, a labor and employment counsel will advise the employer and works council on the demand to negotiate a concession of interests agreement and a social plan and be at their side during the concession process. 
When companies and businesses are vended, both the workshop councils' rights to be informed and consulted with as well as the protection of the acquired rights of individual workers will have to be looked at from a legal perspective. 
 Labor and employment law is a largely technical and dynamic area of law. A counsel active in this field of law will have to consider not only the legal aspects of the customer’s issues but also the practical and frequently emotional issues the customer is faced with.

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